Monday, 4 May 2015

Spirited Away Answers

Spirited Away

1.) These elements do not make it helpful because a  lot of these literature references I did not understand (with the exception of little red riding hood) and this made all of the elements presented even stranger. I had thought that they were very obscure and thought it just made the film stranger and less built in to the real world. It was also interesting because I though the creator of the film was a very creative mind but knowing that it was just references I didn't feel that it added anything to make it more understandable.

2.) I think that spirits is a huge part in everyday life. People who are said to have a good spirit are generally thought highly of in this world. They have been through a lot or can deal with stuff. Our spirit in my eyes governs what we do and how we live now as well as how we will live after our death. Your spirit is your thoughts and actions and will be you when you pass on. In an environmental crisis your spirit shows you the right path on how to react, or not react to the issues at hand. This is a huge part in out day to day actions and thusly i agree with all of the statements that were shown throughout the film as well as in the paragraph of the question.

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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Video Game Reflection

Ryan Young - Game of Drones - Digital


I have not made a game before and it was new to use this new program. Other than that though I used photoshop to create images and I have used this program before.


I eventually used the idea of government corruption in my game. No matter what happens, you lose in the game. Just like you cannot win in life because of corruption to the world, there is no winning in the game.


I was influenced by no one really. Somewhat by John Oliver and his insight to politics. He is not the traditional "artist" but he is a comedian and that is a different medium.



My motivation was to expose the tyranny of the governing forces and show that even if you can avoid the clutches against the machine you are still unable to beat them in their ultimate goals.

Critical Assessment

I think the Obama knockoff is a clever thing because he looks directly at the playing as if to say that "big brother" is watching and you are unable to hide.
If i had more time I would try to fix the hit boxes and make the thing run smoother as well as position the claws better.



Racial Profiling - Body bag
-This is a relevant topic due to the nature that "all men are created equal". - Thomas Jefferson. Many minorities are targeted every day due to their ethnicity.

Walkerton - Water droplet
This has affected me personally because I was sick when this happened. My kidneys shut right down and I was very very sick.

Truth in Advertising - [Insert Symbol]
This represents the problems that come when advertisement is falsely shown to ensure that the product being provided sells as many units as it can in a quarter.

Corruption of Politics

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Art Movie Reflection

Ryan Young - Art Movie - Digital Video


I learned how to use Premier, I have never used this program before so everything was new to me. Not just that but I also don't have a lot of experience editing movies and clips so the whole experience was also new to me.


I used a lot of my "favourite" clips that I mentioned in my brainstorming. I used the people flying and exploding, the man walking out if the train station with "swagger" as well as the people fighting on the stairs. I also used the man looking suspiciously at Steve, the knob being turned and also the abandoned swing set. I used most of what I had intended to utilize in my brainstorming.


One of my largest influences in this project was Quentin Tarantino. He is one of my favourite directors and he does a lot of films that can be considered art. He uses a lot of mystery to wonder what is happening in the film and doesn't reveal it until the end and even then he still leaves A LOT of room open for interpretation leading to many crazy fan theories about his movies.


I used a lot of emphasis in the fact that you don't know if the man is the person who blew the thing up or if he saved the plant. As well as the use of destruction and preserved scenes that showed no matter what condition something is in, it will not last forever in the future.


My personal motivation was to make a movie that gave myself (the director) chills even though I created it. I wanted to add a level of suspense and horror as well as the mystery of wonder to make a film that feels like a teaser trailer whilst it is the full film. You have an idea what is going on but you aren't 100% sure about it and guess what is going on as well as trying to figure out what everything meshed together truly means. And in honesty, I can't tell you. Its a different idea every time I watch it.


I think the biggest success was the use and timing of the music that I used. It gave off the sabotage aura that I was aiming for and gave the suspenseful mystery that makes it both epic as well as interesting to watch and listen to.

I was surprised at how well the three clips could mesh together to form a hidden conspiracy in connection with one another.

If I had more time I probably would have tried to fix a couple of the timing issues with the music as well as the clips themselves. Some of them were too fast and could have been slowed down but also needed to fit in and allotted time slot. So I would have made some tedious improvements that could have made the puzzle fit a bit better. I also would have tried to fix the sound at the end since it sounds chopped up and not very professionally done.